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By Who speaks the truth (anonymous) | Posted July 04, 2011 at 14:15:30

This social assistance Review is another delaying tactic, perpetrated by the governemnt and its allies. In all honesty, how can someone like Mr Foye speak for those who struggle?

It is an abnomination that people who do not struggle, who do not have to go to food banks, those who are homeless, those who are abused everyday by the so called social services sector, or as otheres know it the Poverty Industry.

It is pretty pathetic, that this process will go no where and many who are the roundtable and et al, who do not live in poverty and allow for the fascists to do the talking, all the while oppressing the true voices of the people.

People needed help back in 1995, the poverty reduction bill went no where and now we have a bunch of liberals and NDP types, who think they know it all.

Tax credits and RRSP's take people n where, yet this is what these so called experts are going to push forward.

It is now time for the epople to stand up and speak for themselves, tell the so called righteous, who do not live in poverty to take a hike.

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