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By Brandon (registered) | Posted July 04, 2011 at 08:20:51 in reply to Comment 65502

You make it sound as if the government has managed to invent a fiscal perpetual motion machine: using tax dollars to generate tax dollars. Which cannot be what you mean, so I must be missing something here.

It's not a perpetual motion idea, but seriously, what do you think happens to the money given to people on assistance?

Any small business owner will tell you that what drives job creation is demand. Giving money to people who have none is a guarantee that ALL that money is coming right back into the economy.

It's then taxed when it's spent, then that money is used to pay employees where it's taxed again, then they spend it, etc....

I'm certainly not arguing in favour of a luxury lifestyle on welfare, but a system that guarantees at least basic food and shelter can't be seen as a bad thing, can it?

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