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By SpaceMonkey (registered) | Posted June 30, 2011 at 15:45:43 in reply to Comment 65427

Perfect. Thank you Ryan for that. I share the same thoughts as you about what makes a city walkable and what "walkability" means.

I just don't understand how a street like Main St would be any safer if it were two way than it is as a one way.

I think that if the lights were synched differently to encourage even slower (perhaps 40 km/h?) speeds than the speeds it now encourages (currently 55km/h), one way streets could be used to make speeds considerably slower than their two way counterparts.

I also feel that, as a pedestrian, it's easier to cross a one way street than it is to cross a two way street. From my experience, this is most obvious when I try to cross Main around Gage compared to when I try to cross Main around Nash. It is considerably more difficult to cross around Nash.

I've explained why I feel that, in some cases, one way streets are safer than two way streets. It frustrates me that people automatically down vote me, simply for an opinion, when they haven't even explained their own view.

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