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By Monty2 (anonymous) | Posted June 29, 2011 at 16:10:30

Thank you Ryan for providing clarification however, not being a postie and not knowing all the intimate issues surrounding the reason for the strike, you have essentially only mirrored the lack of detail provided by the mainstream media surrounding this issue. Why is the lack of detail on all the issues so prevalent? For example, why is it that the new machines being put in place by Canada Post are causing more injuries? Why should a postie with 28 years of service be entitled to seven weeks of holidays? Why should a new hire be entitled to three weeks? And don't tell me it is because that is what has been negotiated - some management idiot agreed to that over a barrel but that does not make it right. I agree that the work mail carriers perform is hard work but I have to ask myself why is it that the union insists on maintaining this right of mail carriers to work so hard - the move to super mailboxes while not popular certainly overcomes this issue so why isn't the union pushing to move all mail delivery to this model. Canadainas will object initially but in the end they won't really care.

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