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By a postie (anonymous) | Posted June 28, 2011 at 14:32:01 in reply to Comment 65248

I'm a 20 year "Postie" ,sent home today after 8 hours work even though there's tons of mail but management says No Overtime...I can comment on this, it was NOT about the money on the table it was about the Company wanting to take away our sick time. I've already had hip surgery once and I guess I'll have to get the other hip done sooner or later it's starting to ache just like the first one. The company doesnt want us to be allowed to save up sick time for when we have to go off work,,they want to put us on "disability" with only part of our pay. And for people that call me "lazy" why do you think I have so much sick time saved up, it's because I Don't call in sick unless I'm really sick. Alot of cupw members retire with hundreds of sick days saved up, they just walk away from them even though other types of workers get to cash out their unused sick time. One thing for sure ,with this new contract if I get 7 sick days a year and I can't save them up I will will be sick 7 days a year. So don't blame the Union, blame the company and blame the bullies on parliment hill who took away our right to Collective Bargaining. This is only the beginning, expect more Unions to get slapped by this government.

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