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By Canadian Tax Payer (anonymous) | Posted June 28, 2011 at 13:14:37

Interesting read. Where did the funds to start up and see Canada Post throught the hard times come from at any rate?? Tax Payers?? Thought so. Have these funds been retributed? No. Why is it a Crown Corporation as opposed to Private? Hmmmm. Is it an Essential Service? If yes....why isn't it listed and why would they be allowed to Strike?? Lockout you say....interesting.....if you and I are at the table Negotiating and I give you a mandate that I have a 95% Strike Vote Mandate unless I get what I do you react? I then start Rotating walkouts....just to let you know...I feel I am in control and you had better Buck Up nad meet my demands. I of course realize the Canadian public using these services are in the dark but...I don't expect them to worry....right? lol!! So Business is now moving to other alternatives and Revenues are bein lost.....sweet. Even with this.....I won't back down on rotating walkouts...I have you by the short ones...right? won't concede to the demands....the negotiation(?) is are losing Customers and Revenue....decision you Cave....or do you act and stop the nonsense and force the hand being played? Hmmmmm..... of Course it is Canada Post Mangements could it not be?? Kinda like having a Gun to your head demanding your wallet. Unions have their place.....granted.....times change....I haven't read anywhere that it is the accepted Mandate Unions are to solve all of the Econimic woes.....have you?? I consider over paying for a Service wrong...and will seek other alternatives....IF available....what about you?? People need to learn to use the routes available to them to address is not the Unions job...nor are they capable. Union has created Public dis-like for themselves and the Posties in this one and will continue to do so...until they learn to change and seek alternative routes to work WITH companies to represent.....FAIRLY....the workers who are paying them Monthly dues. As for Mis-Information as you suggest.....Thank the Media....they apparently don't care about accuracy.....are they in a Union?!! As for Safety on the we not have a Health and Safety Board to address these matters?? Have they been called in....or have they already given their blessing all is OK and the Union is simply after a Wish List?? Hmmmm. You have made some good points for certain.....but.....slightly One Sided....and I simply disagree with some points.

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