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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted April 30, 2007 at 08:21:52

Would it kill the majority of drivers who "are capable of deciding for themselves what speed is safe, regardless of what the sign says" to drive the posted limit -- the speed which was determined to be safe by the engineers who built the road?

Would ticketing jaywalkers not be "revenue generation, pure and simple" since the pedestrian should be allowed to determine that the road is clear and safe regardless of what the sign says?

Why should we allow drivers make up their own laws but not pedestrians and cyclists?

Why is the right to speed held so sacred?

I agree we need more enforcement -- but radar traps, whether you like them or not, are part of that enforcement. The only reason traps appear to us as a 'cash grab' is because they tend to be set up in areas where it feels very safe to be going eighty in a fifty. In my mind, this is further reason to push for engineering the speed out of the roads. If it doesn't feel like a highway, people will be less likely to speed in large groups, and these traps won't be necessary. The police will then have much more time to spend catching tailgaters and jaywalkers.

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