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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted June 23, 2011 at 10:17:48

If there was one big suggestion I'd make to the people running transit, here and regionally, it would be to look more into bulk sales. Currently, with a few exceptions (ie: McMaster), the most rides you can buy at once is a month of unlimited rides for a single person. As great as this is for ridership otherwise, it doesn't give anyone much data to work with. Most of these sales happen anonymously at convenience stores, so other than card-swipes, we don't know a lot about who's going where, or why.

Selling through venues like workplaces would give a definitive destination point. If we know that three hundred people have purchased passes at a workplace, we can guess when they'll be arriving and leaving, and put a stop right where they'll need it.

Workplaces, hospitals, the airport, appartment building/condo conentrations and various business nodes (Dundas, Westdale etc) could all really use this kind of minor service adjustment, and the boosts to ridership would be enormous. For the system as a whole, it would allow it a chance of capturing the "low hanging fruit" of regularly scheduled mass traffic migrations, and it would become more responsive to consumer demands. This isn't just about getting people to sign up and find their way on our transit map/schedule - it's about making that map work for people.

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