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By Observer (anonymous) | Posted June 17, 2011 at 15:27:24

"Kent is the only north-south street between Queen and Dundurn..." As I recall last time I was there, there are no north south streets between Locke & Dundurn to link a number of east-west streets in the area just north of Aberdeen. There are quite a number of Hamilton neighbourhoods--in the east downtown e.g.--that show this same lack of access. This may be not bad planning, but no planning at all. It's especially a problem for pedestrians, but also for vehicles who need to go to a next block; and a number of the east-west-ers in the Locke-Dundurn area are one way for vehicles, which makes the problem esp. inconvenient. There's a justly famous [late 1970s but replayed in the eighties if not again later] Sesame Street puppet rock song lamenting "One Way."
Many suburban "crescents" are isolated from adjacent neighbourhood areas. This has been noted for a long time by urban observers--in Toronto, for example.
Many of these efforts to reduce vehicle traffic play havoc with pedestrians and introduction and easy use of public transit. Except, in much of Hamilton's older areas as noted above, this may have been no planning, not 'bad' planning.

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