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By Jonathan Dalton (registered) | Posted June 13, 2011 at 15:15:21 in reply to Comment 64851

If there was a solid plan in place, fully thought out, that had a start date and end date for when this new utopian transit system was going to be up and running, then people might buy in.

There are many plans for improved transit in the GTA. Check

GO Transit is always taking on projects to improve its service. As painfully slow as the progress is, it isn't for lack of a plan. They know what the issues are, and they are constantly buying up or building sections of track, building overpasses and underpasses so their trains can run faster and more dependably.

While it is far from perfect, the Move Ontario 2020 plan includes electric multi-unit (faster) trains on Lakeshore, and all day, bidirectional service on all corridors in the long term. There are short, medium and long term plans. They are going ahead with projects that can be funded, but in the long term new funding sources must be found. Enter road tolls.

Experts seem to agree that the only way to reduce congestion is to put a price on it. According to this study: investing in more roads or public transit does not alleviate congestion, only road tolls will. When roads cost more, people will naturally demand better public transit, so it only makes sense to invest the revenue from toll roads there.

The GO train is archaic and overpriced compared to any modern rail system in Europe or Asia.

It is however the biggest commuter rail system in North America. With 80% fare recovery, no less. Imagine what they could do if properly funded?

toll roads aren't going to win any favor.

They are not popular, they're just necessary.

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