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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted June 10, 2011 at 17:49:59

It is obvious that most people don't like 3 phase lights, but the reason for them is increased pedestrian safety. Sounds weird, but apparently true (can't find a source, but recall this from a traffic engineering course). Also they decrease vehicle capacity compared to usual 2 phase lights.

The problem with 2 phase is that vehicle volume at Aberdeen/Dundurn would necessitate an advanced green left turn, and we all know how Hamilton drivers respect the end of that green arrow... so pedestrians on the left side are going to get hit from behind more often than when the green phase does not conflict with a walk sign.

The Aberdeen/Dundurn is justified due to lots of pedestrians, while Garth/Limeridge is not, because where are the pedestrians?

Agree totally with excessive speed on Aberdeen, and to some extent on Dundurn being the problem, and it would be progressive if any Hamilton road that had a sidewalk abutting it with no parked cars for a buffer had an enforced 40 km/h speed limit. I think RTH should formally propose this to the city. Because from the point of view of the pedestrian on that sidewalk, anything faster is both unpleasant and dangerous.

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