Comment 64531

By highwater (registered) | Posted June 03, 2011 at 11:58:49 in reply to Comment 64525

Yes, an accused should have the right to defend him/herself. In a criminal charge, it's a court of law that this right is given to one. In a 'contractual' arrangement, it is with the landlord; given that the landlord is the city, then, the defense should be heard by those who 'manage' the contract, to wit: staff.

Agreed, but when the punishment is as serious as a 30 day loss of one's livelihood, the accused (and the public) should have every right to expect similar standards to what we expect in a court of law. Something tells me that if the punishment had been a reasonable fine or a one day suspension, this would never have become an issue. If the quasi-judicial body that oversees these contractual agreements has the right to deny people their livelihoods for extended periods of time, then we have a right to expect a transparent process, otherwise they should be far more circumscribed in the severity of the punishments they are allowed to mete out.

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