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By Marketto (anonymous) | Posted June 03, 2011 at 11:36:27

Yes, an accused should have the right to defend him/herself. In a criminal charge, it's a court of law that this right is given to one. In a 'contractual' arrangement, it is with the landlord; given that the landlord is the city, then, the defense should be heard by those who 'manage' the contract, to wit: staff. Given that this is the market, there is a further arbiter, the subcommittee of councillors to appeal to...but rather than any of this, the media was contacted, defiance was shown as well as scorn for staff and council had to weigh in. Their choice? Support staff or support Tilley. It was no contest by this time. Has justice been done? No, I for one don't think so and will tell Tilly this Saturday when I again ignore her wares.

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