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By Marketto (anonymous) | Posted June 03, 2011 at 10:53:33

With all due respect to H + H, we don't know that it was just a 'slap on the hand'; Tilly has contradicted herself by describing it as such and by saying 'maybe I did, maybe I didn't'. Sure she won in the court of public opinion; what 82 year old banana and nuts salesperson who has given to the community wouldn't? Councillors blinked, not staff. The policy may be flawed and a 30 day suspension does seem harsh, but where do we draw the line on unwanted physical touching?

Customers need to respect merchants, but I'd hardly say that 'touching' fruit is a transgression deserving any physical rebuke. Otherwise, I am guilty. I don't shop at Tilly's because I just don't find her merchandise or display in the least attractive; but I do shop and touch and occasionally put back at the other stall holders. I have never ever been discouraged from trying and buying and the fruitsellers are appreciative whenever I do.

I'd say in the long run, Tilly has lost more than she's gained out of this; and if she persists on suing, even more. She is an old lady who is making hay while the sun shines, but will find clouds in the horizon. As for the president/v.p. etc of the fruitseller's organization...they just smell power and want to fight back against the bureaucracy any way they can.

They pay next to nothing for the privilege of selling to us and now want the extra perk of smacking us around if we dare touch their merchandise. Maybe Fortino's will be the ultimate beneficiary.

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