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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted June 03, 2011 at 07:44:30 in reply to Comment 64491

I feel the same way ... picking up an apple or two before buying seems irresistible to me. Like kicking the tires at an auto dealership (though a little more useful).

That said, Tilly Johnson is an 82 year old woman. If she slapped my hand for fondling her fruit, I might feel some combination of chastised and offended, but I would not feel assaulted. The proper response would be to flounce away and never darken her stall again or to apologize for touching her fruit.

I shudder to think that such a small incident can spring the hulking mass of civic bureaucracy to creaking action over such an incident - the zero-tolerance policy is an inappropriate hair-trigger for such a sprawling machine.

And now we all have front row tickets to this (very expensive) theatre of the absurd.

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