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By JasonAAllen (registered) - website | Posted May 31, 2011 at 11:33:31

Ryan, I'd like to see stats on 'mental health' of people who commute long distances by transit (esp. coach and commuter rail, vs. traditional municipal transit), rather than by personal vehicle (an admittedly cursory google search came up snake eyes). Like Myrcurial, I commute by GO, and am fortunate that I can walk to and from my GO Station/Stop. I know that when I used to live in Guelph and commute to Winston Churchill/403 - the amount of time I spent was less than my commute now, but in 6 months the toll on my mental health very nearly cost me my marriage.

Now I've been commuting by GO for over a year now, and in a funny way, kind of enjoy it. I have a blackberry to surf on, I have a good library system in Hamilton to keep me stocked with reading material (to say nothing of Epic Books and Bryan Prince), and I have a good supply of music to listen to. In the mornings I usually nap (as do about 70% of morning GO commuters), and in the afternoon I read and sometimes even write.

I would hypothesize that it's not necessarily the length of the commute, but the stress of the commute that causes the problem.

Of course, we'll see how I feel in a couple more years.

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