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By Freedom Seeker (anonymous) | Posted May 31, 2011 at 00:43:39

As is almost always the case when we see something as distorted from common sense as the commuters dilemma it pays to start by considering the possibility that we are seeing a predictable result of peoples responses to the actions of Government. In this case, and in no particular order:

- Zoning bylaws, official plans, etc which make it illegal for businesses and residences to locate close together.
- Property tax laws which, by taxing suburbs and exburbs at lower rates than city centres provide an incentive for sprawl.
- The public road and highway system. If roads were privately owned, and as a consequence required the payment of tolls to use, powerful incentives for more compact forms of development would be created.
- Large and multifarious subsidies government subsidy of the oil industry
- The public health care system. Since an individual is insulated from the costs of the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle choices, in this case long commutes, the financial motivator of reducing their health care bills by choosing a healthier way of living is not present.

And so it goes. Show me central planning enforced at gunpoint I'll show you a mess...

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