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By LindsayH (registered) | Posted May 30, 2011 at 12:37:14

Hi Michael,

Once again, your use of the term "contradictory" when describing our work is intensely problematic.

As I mentioned to you previously, within all our materials, and found in our mission statement, is a clear explanation of the use of the term. I'll cite, once again, a piece from our full answer to your question about the use of the word "slut:"

"We’re not celebrating the word, or prancing around encouraging people to present or dress in a “slutty” way. SlutWalk is about marching together with anyone that has been degraded, shamed or hurt by the word, or ones similar to it. Claiming ownership and being comfortable with one’s sexuality/sexual expression, even calling oneself a slut, is NOT something to be ashamed of, but the people who use the word to shame others think it is."

In addition, though some critiques of SW Toronto have concluded that the event was not enacted within a feminist praxis are simply incorrect. Notwithstanding, this article is about SlutWalk Hamilton, and we have consistently framed this event as a feminist one, in every press release, and even the pamphlets we've handed out in the hundreds.

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