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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted May 30, 2011 at 09:26:57 in reply to Comment 64157

"I will speak in defense of the most likely casualty in the vision less random pseudo-development that Greater Hamilton suffers: light rail. I grew up in Vancouver. And the first 22 years of my life there was no rapid transit. Finally it was built as part of EXPO '86. Every curmudgeonly low rent douche bag wanked on endlessly about how Vancouver could not afford it, it would bring thieves in from the burbs, it would disrupt traffic, no one would give up their cars, cats would run with dogs, blah blah blah.

Well the lamely named Sky Train is now the BACKBONE of Vancouver. 25 years later everything that is anything is connected to it. Even the burb Skytrain stations have large parking lots so that the burbians can Skytrain in. I have heard all the same anti-rail rhetoric a quarter century ago. This clap is stale politically motivated ramblings of myopic twits that profoundify themselves using fear-unknown-dread. If Hamilton blows rapid transit again (the city had chance for elevated rail about 25 years ago) then it will likely NEVER develop into anything more than a past-tense industrial wasteland."

I'm pro-LRT but the elevated rail that was offered in Hamilton was not the Expo Line. Not remotely. Phase One of SkyTrain (1985-1989) connected three cities, involved 20km of track and 15 stations, less than a third of the current system; Hamilton’s proposed 1981 demonstration elevated rail system would have been less than a third of that – it featured just four stops along 6km of track that lassoed the CBD to Upper James.

Without the third largest CMA in the country, the World Expo or the Olympics, who knows what the legacy of that rail system would be 30 years later?

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