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By resident on park (anonymous) | Posted May 26, 2011 at 11:02:31

With regards to Pxtl's comment about McMaster students, staff & faculty not wanting to park so far from campus - please be assured that there are several people who regularly park their cars on Parkside & walk to campus (in all weathers). And if residents of Parkside manage to get a spot in front of (or near) their house, the McMaster people park on Kipling, Bond... any street fairly close so as to save the enormous parking fees at the university. And it's not just McMaster people parking in "our" spots (the spots that any other home owner would expect to have in front of their house), we also have to contend with the many many cars of the baseball & soccer & ultimate frisbee teams. Living across from the park is wonderful - but we do have various problems to deal with (including the youth who have actually been such a problem that they caused residents to move!).

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