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By Nord Blanc (anonymous) | Posted May 26, 2011 at 08:58:23

"Canceling the pedestrianization pilot project saved the city a mere $200,000. Farr notes that the city brings in $2,500 a month in revenue from the Gore parking meters. I cannot help but wonder about the opportunity cost in lost assessment growth from a more people-friendly Gore."

There are doubtless other examples of similarly hapless slashing in the name of a zero percent tax increase, and yet politicians will back-pat themselves into a cheery stupor. Plus ça change, etc. Admittedly, they're spending $30K on a restoration of Queen Victoria, though the her temporary absence will likely only accent the desolation that has settled on the Gore.

History hasn't got fantastic precedents for all-or-nothing revamps of Gore Park, but I hold out hope that this time will be different. And sooner rather than later, because without creative revitalization, atrophy/attrition will continue in our CBD until the heart of downtown is nothing but convenience stores, payday loan kiosks, broken gold outlets, shawarma counters and mounted police patrols.

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