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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted May 21, 2011 at 22:11:19

"I do not get those people out in Flamborough, who like to blame the city of hamilton for amalgamation, when it was the harris regime who imposed it on the people."

Yes, it WAS the Harris Government who forced amalgamation but it was the City of Hamilton Councillors, led by the, now convicted, consumate blowhard, Terry Whitehead, who took the Flamboro Downs slot money to subsidize the non-Flamborough taxpayers in the new City. Like it or not, Flamborough Council, knowing the old City of Hamilton's financial state, mindful of the Harris Government's intention to download its bills to municipal taxpayers and anticipating the possibility of amalgamation, was smart enough to negotiate an agreement with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission that specifically states that slot revenue shall enure to the benefit of "the community represented by the municipality". To repeat, not the municipality but, rather, the community represented by the municipality. That municipality was Flamborough and, therefore, that community, by definition, couldn't include anyone living beyond the geographic confines of the Town of Flamborough. Amalgamation didn't change the beneficiaries of that agreement. You can check it out.

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