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By zLsy (anonymous) | Posted May 19, 2011 at 14:22:00 in reply to Comment 63773

Well that depends on how much you read.

The security measures implemented in preparation for G20 cost the public over a Billion dollars. A Billion dollars that would be justified to protect such important foreign dignitaries.

Bryan Sonne saw the vulnerabilities which were not small vulnerabilities, and knew that for a Billion dollars those vulnerabilities should not be there.

Now you tell done one person get thee governmental authorities to even give him a moment of there time, when the message he is bringing is that they spent a billion dollars to secure the dignitaries attending, and while a billion to ensure their security could b considered acceptable a billions dollars spent that did not ensure the security of those dignitaries and left them venerable to risk of harm was not something the government or the people should accept.

Do you really think he would have a snowballs chance in hell of them listening?

So he took pictures and video's and did so in from of them, but at first they paid no attention then he posted them online and they still did not pay attention.

Surely you and I would both agree that the attendee's of the G20 deserve to be safe and secure, and we probably would agree that for a billion dollars the government had the right to expect that security measures im0plimented to be solid and a responsibility to the pubic to ensure the money was well s0pent and a responsibility to the dignitariesw of g20 to provide the security that was promised.

So what does one do when they see glaring vulnerabilities that should not be there for a billion dollars. Just keep their moth shut and let the public foot the bill, and the government officials to assure the dignitaries that they are secure and free of any vulnerabilities in the security that might leave them at risk for harm?

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