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By Kat (anonymous) | Posted May 19, 2011 at 13:04:09 in reply to Comment 63751

BTW it's important for me to point out something about the first case I mentioned in the above post. That case started before we had the internet, a huge resource of information that can at times provide a person with information that the media does not present, as they present what the authorities tell them.

I lived in that area, the community was both devastated and outraged, such a crime was virtually unheard of there. with our police, our trusted officials the primary witnesses, it seemed cut and dried....I can say that the general population wanted death in this case.

And I was right there with them. I was horrified when the realization hit me that my trust had been abused to the point that depending on that trust could have left me with innocent blood on my hades. They told me, I trusted them, they were deadly wrong, so far wrong that at the final trial, in with Rolondo Cruz was acquitted, one of those 3 primary witnesses, a sheriff department lieutenant recanted his testimony stating he had actually been in Florida on the date he had sworn he had witnessed what the guilty verdicts were based on. 11 years on death row and I backed the lieutenant I believed he committed the crime I wanted the death semitrance for him.

It was a real wakeup for me, and I swore at that point I would not let anyone take control of my op0inion again, that I would rather say northing than voice someone else's opinion and leave my credibility in their hands.

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