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By Kat (anonymous) | Posted May 19, 2011 at 11:47:25 in reply to Comment 63725

I did not blow it, your posts were condescending, as if your age were a factor in the veracity of your statements.

On the other hand your posts definitely indicate that rather than attempting to research the facts available right at your fingertips, you instead based your stand on media hype, and quotes from authorities who's actions are in question, not just because of this case but because of what was caught on the security cameras during the protest. Outside groups on examining them have determined that members of the law enforcement were reacting in a manner that was excessive towards some protesters were not acting our in an aggressive manner that would call for it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with holding those trusted officials up to scrutiny, they are only human and are just as subject to human frailties as the rest of society. They are not reigning super hero's. If they take actions that are sufficient to raise questions about their integrity, it would be a failing on the part of the citizens NOT to question and take steps to ensure those officer are in fact performing their duties, as opposed to using the power of their positions to become something more dangerous than the average criminal, they become a criminal with a badge and gun that allows them to get away with anything.

Take a moment to indulge me, and pull up0 this site, it is a US government site, and read what a nutshell...11 years in prison for the brutal rape and murder of 10 year old, convicted by the local courts between 2 and 3 times and sentenced to death, over turned by the state supreme court in between each. Local courts were basing a good amount of faith in their trusted officemate who were the primary witnesses to statements supposedly made by one of the men accused. The entire time this was happening, they had the actual murder in custody, he had confessed to them "hypothetically" so it could not be used in court, the crime followed the same pattern as the 2 rape murder cases he was in custody for. Yet they allowed these two men who were not guilty to remain on death much so that after the higher court reversed their sentence, the local courts found them guilty and again sentenced them to death, the primary witnesses were trusted law officers after all...and I'll let you read the rest.

And if that isn't enough for you, then I got one more for you that hits me where I live. My daughter was raped by an upperclassman over the age of consent at 1i7 on the lat day of her freshman year in HS 15 years old, she he actually threatened to harm ME while she was at her fathers over the summer and I was along sand he did know where we lived as it was no more than a 10 minute work from the school. She was so traumatized by the experience she couldn't talk about it, couldn't face thinking about it, Over next 2 years I watched my6 beautiful daughter fade away, initially constantly weak, pale , sick the doctor ran every test imaginable but couldn't find anything. I felt like I was watching her die. It wasn't until she started having panic attacks that we realized that something had traumatized her, we got her to a good psychiatrist right away for help but we didn't now what it was and she wasn't telling us. then she developed agoraphobia, so from Junior year forward she had no social life, her schooling was done online and she was just getting worse. Then 2 days before Christmas at 1i7 years old she broke and it all came flooding out. I held her and cried with her until she was calm enough to call the police. The first officemate were wonderful, I can't say enough about them,, but the detective that was a different story. I had no idea that the guy that raped her, was the nephew of another police officer, who was in college planning to be a member of the FBI. The male detective took her in a room...just him and advocate, no female, no video recorder, no audio recorder. Just his word against hers. She tried her best to cooperate and be strong because she wanted to make sure no other girls went through this at his hands, and he sat in that room and accused her of getting together with her girlfriends and plotting ruin this poor guys life, literally he accused her of that, he know she hadn't seen her girlfriends in over 6 moths, but it didn't matter. He told us he was going to bring the guy a couple of days...when he finally called me back he said and I quote. "He's just a duface, he says it was consensual and I believe him, anyway your daughter has had consensual sexual contact prior to this. I was outraged that he would even stay that. It was something I was aware of, it was not casual she had been seeing this boy for 2 years, I found out shortly after and sat them both down and talked to them about them not being emotionally mature enough to handle the that level in the relationship and impplemeented stiffer adult supervision. It had no bearing on the rapist raping my daughter, they did't even like each other. the symptoms she suffered through after, were literally text book response found in minors sexually assaulted who hold it in and can't deal with what has been done to them, this information is literally in their police manumit , WE had DNA Evidence she hid came home that aright and hid her clothes hoping I might forget about them, so she would Nevile be faced with wearing them again, he refused to even consider it. he had been barred from one of the clubs in school for molesting another girl, and they were aware of it......and they wouldn't do anything. The police refused to even perform any investigation aside from the interviews. Unable to do anything legally she couldn't;t even feel safe now at home she was afraid of afraid of the police and what they could do and get away with under that guise, so within days she moved away from me nd went to live with her father. I was destroyed, we were very close I missed her horribly, I was angry I called everyone I could find to call but kept urning into road blocks no one seemed to know wher I could go from here. finally I found a legal advocate and talked to her about it, and found out that her being 15 and him being 17 made the act illegal and my daughter had up to ten years to prosecute. The thing is, by the time I found someone that could have helped us, she was starting the healing process and we had been through too much to put her through it all over again. I moved closer to her as soon as I could, there is a sexual predator in the town I used to live in holding a position of public trust.

How do you go up against a criminal with a badge, when you know that badge makes them feel so untouchable that rather than take someone they knew was a repeat sexual offender off the street and away from the public trust, they decided my daughter was expendable.

It happens, not all police officers act a according to the trust we put in them, and the consequences of blindly trusting all actions they take can destroy the livers of their innocent victims.

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