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By Kat (anonymous) | Posted May 19, 2011 at 07:16:00 in reply to Comment 63711

I went back over everything again and I must retract one thing I stated. The reference to the bomb did not occur on twitter. Articles about his arrest state that members of HackLab TO stated that he made such a reference on their forums the previous fall. I went as far back as I could on their site site, which was September 15, 2008 and was not able to find anything to that effect.

I then did a full Google search, groups, web, blogs, news and was unable to find any such statement other that those quoted in the articles. I then searched the internet archives and again came up0 with nothing. So I am retracting that bomb reference.

Regarding the materials, a number of articles state that the materials indicated a bomb like the shoe bomber used, including an in depth article on in which the author states that she was able to interview Byron. This article does not refer to the type of bomb they were accusing him of intending to make, instead it lists 2 our of 3 of the ingredients required to do so, which was consistent with my search.

For that type of bomb, small and compact in size, the amount which could be considered sufficient by officials to create a bomb is easily well within the range consistent with normal use.

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