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By Kat (anonymous) | Posted May 19, 2011 at 01:46:16 in reply to Comment 63700

I will agree with WallEye, well said and the scenario you presented could indeed very well happen.

I was in the process earlier of responding to say what's posts when my cat climbed on my keyboard and I lost the entire post. In a nutshell, I read every accessible piece of information available regarding this prior to jumping into the fray, which included the twitter post were the word bomb arises. I have no idea how anyone could read that and come to the conclusion that he was preparing to bomb the G20 summit.

I'm seeing only bits of what he posted on twitter being published in the media and being attributed to quotations of those in authority. The problem is those bits were within his posts, which are searchable online, so much within his posts that it would be impossible to actually read any of them without the rest unless one cherry picked specific works and ignored the rest. And well the idea of allowing that to occur without question is quite frightening.

If allowed to do something like that to one person, then it sets a president which could have further reaching consequences. No one online would be able to consider themselves 100T safe no matter what they posted, because almost anything can be picked apart pieced together in a way that would benefit anyone with an axe to grind.

In response to say what's post's I additionally wanted to mention that him/her holding up their age as an indicator of their wisdom was a bit offensive. I myself fit somewhere in that same age range and was an adult before home computing existed, let alone the internet. I am personally thrilled that I can responsibly research any subject and reach my own conclusions, rather than basing my credibility on what someone else tells me, and I would expect that of others who did have have such a fantastic resource at their fingertips.

Finally, in reference to your scenario, it really could happen to anyone, I saw the media references to the type of bomb he was "allegedly" intending to create and having a strong background in chemistry (I spent 12 years as an analytical laboratory technician) I decided to see what I could find out how complicated it would be to perform such a task....thinking in terms of lab equipment, chemicals that might or might not be restricted, etc.

Much to my surprise, what I discovered is that a large portion of the households in the industrialized world, if investigated right now, could find themselves charged with possessing the materials required for making this type of bomb. I won't disclose that information here, people are free to do the research and find out for themselves, but it's well.....staggering.

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