Comment 63681

By Fred G (anonymous) | Posted May 18, 2011 at 16:10:28 in reply to Comment 63672

This calls for a thought experiment!

Joe is a mastermind at framing people he doesn't like for plotting to commit terrorism.

One day, you look at Joe the wrong way. This pisses Joe off.

Joe successfully frames you for plotting to commit terrorism. You are detained for several years without bail, you are blacklisted from ever practicing your profession again, and your name is smeared all over the news. Some guy named Say What on a web forum says "AMEN! THANK GOD that dude is behind bars, even if they haven't proven his guilt."

You are innocent, are having your rights violated, but that's okay, because you were suspected of terrorism?

I sure as hell wouldn't want that for myself, and I'll take the small risk of becoming a victim of terrorism over giving the government a carte-blanche to stamp out my rights.

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