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By Fred G (anonymous) | Posted May 18, 2011 at 14:23:48 in reply to Comment 63655

"He did not notice the door was open, he took videos of supposed weaknesses in the security and broadcast them to anyone"

Videos of public places, of things that were plainly visible to anyone and everyone. Have you read his twitter feed? For anyone with eyes and the slightest bit of deductive reasoning, the door was wide open.

I or anyone with half a brain could have told you that those fences could easily be climbed, those cameras could easily be disabled. Anyone with with malicious intentions already knew all the things Byron published, and likely more.

IANAL, but AFAIK, taking pictures in public places, and publishing those pictures, regardless of intention, is legal in Canada. I would expect that attaching commentary to the pictures you took receives the same protection.

"I am sure if he had taken his concerns and brought them to the attention of the police without publishing them his fate would have been different".

Undoubtedly. But in doing so he would guarantee that the weaknesses would remain not remedied, the injustices covered up.

I'm sorry, but if I've paid the bank $1 billion dollars to secure themselves and they've left the door open, I'm going straight to the press.

Bringing public attention to the misspending of public money is the only way to exact change in these types of bureaucratic organizations. He's paid a dire price for it, but I remain hopeful that it's not been in vain.

"We continually sacrifice freedom for security. What we as a society also continually do is try to find that narrow elusive point where the freedoms we surrender are a fair price to pay for our security."

The balance point is definitely subjective, as you say. I think we can all agree however, that sacrificing liberties for security *theater* (instead of actual security), as in the case of the G20, is not a noble thing.

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