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By mb (registered) | Posted May 18, 2011 at 12:53:38

Fred Eisenberger. Flick. Jack Layton. Flick. Michael Ignatieff. Flick. Paul Martin. Flick. Jean Chretien. Flick.

Seriously, your anti-Conservative propoganda, cleverly disguised as an article about the horrors and joys of TV, is in poor taste. If you want to write an article about TV and our reliance on it, then do that. Don't bring politics in to it. I especially loved this comment:

Yet, neo-cons, amongst the most affluent, pampered, overweight, overindulged, overcompensated demographic in history, screech, squeal, and scream ceaselessly about being victims

Drivel. Not only insulting (oh, the words we could use to describe lefties), but it's hypocritical. If anyone claims to be the victims, it's anti-Cons. All because you lost an election, and hopelessly blame the electoral system, which at one time, favoured the lefties (or at least the centrists). Go ahead, cry for four more years. No one will hear ya!

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