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By Fred G (anonymous) | Posted May 18, 2011 at 10:26:13 in reply to Comment 63632

Mr. Meister,

I agree with you but there are two key differences.

1. The government is our client, they are paid with our tax dollars. As a matter of public security, it makes sense that its stakeholders (the public) be able to audit it at SOME REASONABLE level.

2. There's a difference between releasing proprietary information about a system that compromises its security, and identifying a glaring security flaw. To follow your analogy, Byron didn't point out a flaw in the bank's vault security, he walked past the bank one night after-hours and noticed the front door was wide open. He's pissed, because his money is invested in that bank and thus he helped pay for the security!

"I think we all know that the state can and will detain suspected terrorists without bail and without conviction of any charges for a long time"

I don't disagree, but this is NOT right and we shouldn't be complacent about this state of affairs. "Those who would sacrifice a little liberty for a little security deserve neither and will get neither." -B.Franklin.

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