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By Presence (anonymous) | Posted May 17, 2011 at 14:49:44

The Bulldogs have zero presence in this community. You go to other cities and the downtown is plastered with logos, banners, bus-shelter ads, etc. of the local team. You need to raise exposure of the brand and the legacy of all the players that it represents.

I don't consider the Bulldogs a failer in Hamilton because they aren't really trying to sell the brand like the could. Where are the ticket promotions in the local Tims, Fortinos, etc? Where are all the banners on hydro poles with all the Hamilton hockey greats in and around the downtown core that see literally thousands of cars drive by each day. Those are opportunities to build the Bulldogs name in everyone's head, day after day after day. That said, I am partial to a name change to create more of a link to the community - I like the Hamilton Habs, or going back to the Hamilton Tigers (the synergies with the Ticats would be huge!)

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