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By slodrive (registered) | Posted May 16, 2011 at 23:20:19 in reply to Comment 63581

Hilarious. So you think all 6.5 million people - and the sports fans within -- are the unsophisticated ones? I'm not so sure that a geographical region has the ability to become a unique psychological dicotomy. A look at the sports-scape of this region will reveal one of the more active on the continent.

Being a true hockey fan (of which, I am...I've lived and breathed the sport since I've been born) does not impose an emotional attachment to a brand. Which professional hockey teams are...nothing more, nothing less. Sure, the casual observer will stumble into the rink now and again, but unless there's a heartfelt intangible belief that you are somehow a part of what's happening on the ice, your attendance will be infrequent.

Go see the Kitchener Rangers play, or the Owen Sound Attack. Those fans live and die by what happens on the ice. Gaskets are blown when a ref misses an offside. Will the 'hockey enthusiast' get that involved when they are simply going to see skills showcased? Hell no. We can see skilled hockey rather easily.

A successful pro franchise is completely dependent on the how much emotion your community will invest. You are making rational inferences on a very irrational category. (Think about how almost-illogical it is for people to rant and rave down at Ivor Wynne, screaming themselves nearly hoarse, when a call goes against us. There's nothing more trivial, but rarely would you ever see people become so hostile in any other part of life.)

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