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By jonathan (registered) | Posted May 16, 2011 at 17:33:03 in reply to Comment 63576

Only in that both are committing acts going against the ethical standards that we, as a society, have agreed upon.

And again, I point out that it is the role of the government to institute laws which reflect said ethical standards.

I am saying nothing more than that.

I will, however, take issue with another point above.

4: One such standard is that: It is unethical for one person to freely initiate the use of physical violence against another person without their consent. I'll call this this “The non-violence principal”, and it's unethical opposite: the free (unforced) initiation of the use of physical violence against another person without their consent, “The violence principal”.

5: Canadian governments at all levels; municipal, provincial, and federal repeatedly practice The violence principal, so doing lies at the centre of their activities.

The issue here is the word, 'freely'. If, by this, you mean, 'of one's own free will', then you've unfairly applied it to the position of the government, as those in power are bound by the laws which, again I point out, we as a society have agreed upon.

Can we get it wrong? Of course. That does not, however, force the government into the position of being 'evil'. In truth, it is WE who are 'evil', as we are the ones whom ultimately form the government.

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