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By MikeP (registered) | Posted May 16, 2011 at 17:22:17

The smug and elitist tone of some of these responses and the fact that many fans only view NHL as the "real thing" speaks volumes of the lack of sophistication of sports followers in this community. If it is not "big league" (translation: if it is not endorsed by Big Brother south of the border), then it is not worth our attention.

The truth is this - people who call themselves sports fans in Southern Ontario are not REAL sports fans. They are entertainment consumers searcing for the greatest return on investment among the range of options that include sporting event, concerts, movies, theatre, human cock-fighting (MMA) and even church. They may demonstrate a blind two-dimensional emotional attachment to a brand like the Leafs, but this does not necessarily mean they are a devotee to the adjacent sporting activity.

Real sports fans possess an appreciation as well as a passion for all levels of competition of their preferred sporting endeavour. Hence, true hockey fans are not repelled by a league simply because its best players will be scoring against your favourite team later that year. Real hockey fans realize they are afforded a rare opportunity to witness the development of future stars up close as regular patrons of AHL contests. I have long hypothesized that the mosty unsophisticated sports fans on the planet reside in the Golden Horseshoe. Clearly the comments mentioned above validate this theory.

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