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By slodrive (registered) | Posted May 16, 2011 at 09:38:12 in reply to Comment 63551

I don't think people 'should' support the team -- as if it's a civic duty, I think a case has to be made as to why people would want to support the team. "Minor league" is a hurdle, and would likely prevent getting 17,000 in the barn every night, but it sure shouldn't keep 5 or 6k from showing up consistently.

I do agree with the player issue -- since, they are only here begrudgingly. (This is why, I believe, OHL hockey has a far better chance of success...) That's why, I think, the marketing needs to be about name on the front of the jersey, and identifying with the community.

I'm not sure the NHL has that much direct competition. I've been a Leaf fan all my life (unfortunately) and have been to very few games. For most, those tickets are either impossible to get or far too expensive. As for Buffalo, the hassle of getting to their arena still leaves it as more of an on-occasion endeavor.

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