Comment 63556

By jonathan (registered) | Posted May 16, 2011 at 01:19:08 in reply to Comment 63538

1: There are such things as ethical standards and we can come to common agreement on at least some of them.

...and herein lies the problem with your particular discourse.

The laws that the Government has put into place are intended to follow the ethical standards on which we have come to common agreement. By that fact alone, any disagreement with said laws, whether passive or active, puts the perpetrator in the position of 'Bob' in your example above. Said person is going against what is accepted as ethical, and the appropriate response must be applied.

The claim that one must agree to the laws in place is irrelevant; if one is human, one must follow the ethical standards of the society to which one is born.

(in before he says 'G20')

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