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By BobInnes (registered) - website | Posted May 15, 2011 at 21:19:39

Using a system like modern encryption, private keys could be used to access an account on public servers updating your wishes by issue - anonymous and secure.

I also, used to think such an idea would be doable but after the Bush Gore fiasco and a consideration of how the system is being torn apart bit by bit, I no longer trust voting machines or any other technology. What is missing is pieces of paper and more importantly, scrutineers.

While it might seem that if it's good enough for money, its good enough for voting, the mechanism is different. If its accountable, like your bank account, then its not anonymous. If it's truly anonymous, then almost by definition, it's not accountable. Who can ever safeguard inscrutable machine codes, especially in this day of hacking even secure sites, although external hackers are probably not the primary threat.

Not only must we ensure voting remains on paper overseen by people, but we must back away from similar electronic replacements of paper such as land & mortgage titles. Our reliance on title insurance given by a limited corporation is an absurdity like Buffet's weapons of mass financial destruction. We must get ourselves out of this dangerous virtual twilight zone.

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