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By bigguy1231 (registered) | Posted May 15, 2011 at 19:50:34

It doesn't matter what arguements people make about why people should support this team, it all comes down to the team and the league being the minor leagues.

This is where a few up and comers, come to hone their skills and move on. The rest are just the guys who couldn't make but keep playing because they make good money to do something they love. Otherwise, most of these guys would be working in some low paying, low skill blue collar job.

They may attract 8 or 9 thousand a game in Winnipeg but what else is there to do in Winnipeg in winter. We on the other hand have choices, do I go to a Bulldogs game and put up with the screaming kids and amatuerish promotions or do I drive to Buffalo or Toronto and watch the big boys play. You can be sure I will be spending my money to watch the real thing.

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