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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted May 15, 2011 at 06:17:12

Great post. Some great opportunities for discourse and dialogue.

What we need, fundamentally, is more data, more often.

Uh, no.

More information, more knowledge isn't the answer. Not if the electorate isn't inclined to participate. (And I'm not talking about actually voting.) Sure, it'll help, help provide more opportunities to focus attention on certain issues. But all this will actually accomplish is to accentuate the input of people who are either already 'involved' or on the cusp of getting involved.

Granted, my interest is local politics. But as I've said previously, you effect a paradigm change in local governance, and the groundswell to provincial and federal 'politics' would be stunning.

No amount of technology, no infusion of a new party, no appearance of a fresh batch of politicians will bring us the governance we really need to see in place. The only thing that will bring about that change is a change in how people see their role in the governance process. (I'll give you two hints: it's practically the opposite of 'vote every four years and then kick back', and has more in common with how people address what they innately want to be doing in their lives.)

Which is, admittedly, a much, much more compelling challenge.

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