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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted May 13, 2011 at 14:55:06 in reply to Comment 63496

A large number of the neighbors surround the area don't appear to want anything that will encourage usage of the park - seating, walkways, and parking were constantly attacked, either for environmentalist reasons, aesthetics, partying-young-people worries, or strange ideas about teenagers taking daddy's pickup-truck and joyriding across the park thanks to the road-width paths being planned.

And yes, at the meeting several folks were saying, roughly "well, some disabled people don't require wheeled access and have other means of getting around" and some suggestions that the ever-ephemeral "they" should develop better technologies for disabled persons.

Oh, and one guy who was into dowsing who suggested there was a secret cemetery under the park that must be protected.

I may have speakers confused, but city representatives said that they were prevented from providing a free lot parking lot in that it would be exploited by the patrons and staff of McMaster. Can any McMasterites confirm my suspicion that the far side of GRAllan is way too freaking far for anybody to bother doing that? I live several blocks closer and I don't see many such folks curbside.

This isn't just a park, it's local sports-fields, so the park-side parking along Parkside (say that five times fast) is constantly packed as teams aren't necessarily composed of 100% local players.

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