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By rayfullerton (registered) | Posted May 12, 2011 at 12:04:46

@ panoply

Just the facts:

I am not aware that the sludge application to farm land is a national disgrace, please enlighten me with links to articles?

Regarding Industrial K zone: Dofasco is not aesthetically pleasing to the waterfront but is still a large economic provider to the City, also it is difficult to change the 100 year history of steel manufacturing plants located on the land filled bayfront. Unfortunately, the K Industrial Zone of the City already has a compromised air shed and is identified in the Code Red report. K Industrial zone does not need additional stack air emissions such as: hydrogen chloride (tonnes/year), ammonia (tonnes/year), mercury (kg/year), benzo(a)pyrene (g/year), NOx(tonnes/year) and dioxin( g TEG/year) plus the air emissions from 26,000 trucks/year to further degrade the air environment. Stack emissions from the Liberty Incinerator are 10X that of the City incinerator. Time to look to the future and implement the best available current technology to manage sludge! What is your choice?

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