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By Copenhagen (anonymous) | Posted May 11, 2011 at 17:14:40

Funny how you don't mind Hamilton sludge stenching up towns from Cayuga to Niagara. Hamilton trucks sludge out to Niagara where it is stored for months in the open air at PowerGrow, stinking up the neighbourhood for a few months or years. Then the sludge is loaded back on trucks to roll through the county towns heading to farm communities and farm fields. Hamilton's sludge hauler has more than 44 convictions including a fine of $300,000 for sludge violations. Do you care?

Peel Region is the fastest growing community in Canada - and they have the world's largest sewage sludge incinerator. No one is holding their nose about living there. Quite the opposite. YES, it is a regional facility. Sludge is trucked in.

And look at Durham Region. Durham Region incinerates all of York Region's sewage sludge. Regional facility. So get a grip.

Hamilton is a regional center for shopping, for government,for culture, for manufacturing. If you really cared about only looking after your would be doing that now and not storing and spreading your industrially contaminated feces on towns and communities all over Southern Ontario.

You want your sludge to be so local? Bring it on. Demand that Hamilton's open air sewage sludge lagoon site be located in downtown Hamilton. Demand that all Hamilton's sewage sludge get spread within the Hamilton City limits. Get a whiff of that.

You will soon be on the first plane to Copenhagen.

Or on the bus to Peel.

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