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By seriously (anonymous) | Posted May 11, 2011 at 15:01:06 in reply to Comment 63392

Well, being a regional facility the thing runs off municipally supplied wastes so that is how it gets gov’t to work together. The savings bit comes from a quick eyeing of the financial review which shows the city of Hamilton building and running their own burner for $302m over 30 years, or paying liberty $200m over 30 years, or partnering with liberty and paying $151m over 30 years. The document says the city’s wastes are about 1/3 rd the capacity of a Liberty gasifier (they have permits for 2). So if we extrapolate these numbers, we can ballpark that this plant could save us taxpayers $453m on the first gasifier and over $906m if they build both! Woh.

You can check my numbers here;

They already have their permits so the argument here is what Hamiltonians are going to do with our waste. I guess we could spite other municipalities in the area by building our own Hamilton City operated burner and pay $150m more...while other cities are sending theirs to Liberty and paying half the price. Now that is going to be a great Hammer article.

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