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By Brandon (registered) | Posted May 10, 2011 at 10:05:17 in reply to Comment 63270

I'm sorry but it isn't about the voters. It's about the people that know they will never hold influence in government without it, convincing the voters its about the voters.

Imagine that, democracy not being about the voters. You don't work for Diebold, do you?

It's a phenomena of the world we live in where we teach our kids that it doesn't matter who wins, we don't have to keep score, life is fair, you get trophies for attendance and participation.

And that's a lousy way of doing things. It also has nothing to do with what we're discussing.

It's held up as a torch for democracy when in fact its a crutch for mediocrity and marginal points of view that represent largely narrow interests and niche issues.

Marginal views deserve marginal representation, but if a million people support an idea, is it truly what you're referring to as "marginal"?

It's a hobbling and neutering of democracy that hides behind the illusion it promotes consensus when in fact it creates indecision, watered down ineffective policies, and see's governments come under the sway of special interests that become king makers in flaccid directionless parliaments.

As opposed to minorities acting as if they have a majority mandate. Because that's so much more democratic.

What you fail to realize is that the country doesn't support moving rapidly in any given direction. If it did, there would be >50% voting for a specific party. I don't see that, do you?

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