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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted May 10, 2011 at 09:22:18

I've often frowned with an inarticulate sort of displeasure at the Marion and Cline entrance to the park and now you've put words to that displeasure: this corner should an obvious gateway drawing people to a great place. But it isn't an entrance at all. It's a civic shrug. "Meh," it proclaims.

I'm glad that the city is giving Churchill Park some serious attention. The great city parks and even the good city parks - Central Park, Mount Royal, High Park, Gore Park, Gage Park - don't just happen; they're not just some conveniently located grass and trees. They are designed and built.

Civic planning in Hamilton is often associated with the dire (downtown expressways; the razing of York; the rape of Gore Park). But there have been glories in the distant past (Gore Park; the RBG; Gage Park; York Blvd) and signs of hope in recent past (the restoration of Gore Park and James Street North). So I will look forward to Thursday evening and expect to be thrilled.

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