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By greenfingers (registered) | Posted May 10, 2011 at 08:26:46

I'm planning on moving to Hamilton in about a year largely because of the affordability of housing.
I am not looking at Hamilton as a "bedroom community" but as my new home. As a garden designer/landscaper I hope to work spring to fall in downtown Hamilton making beautiful gardens. I generally do admin work on contract in the winter and if I can find work in Hamilton I will take it. Otherwise I will be commuting to Toronto. I will, however, be spending my money in Hamilton. Food, shoes, movies, beer, etc.

The only thing that can stop me shopping downtown is not being able to get across the street! On recent visits when I’ve gone on walking tours around town I have been appalled at the negative effect that the multi-lane one way streets have on being able to feel comfortable strolling the sidewalk, wanting to shop neighbourhood shopping. If you spot an interesting shop on the other side the speed and breadth of traffic is very intimidating and unfriendly, as mentioned on many occasions on these pages.

Currently I live near Bloor Street (certainly a major east-west thoroughfare) in an area known as Bloor West Village. The shops are lively and lovely with restaurants, book stores, coffee shops and the like. There is a lot of on and off street parking and many intersections with stop lights. The result is traffic slows down going through the area and it is a friendly place to walk and shop. The traffic still flows well in both directions and businesses flourish as a result. Raise the Hammer strongly supports changing the current Hamilton traffic flows and after I move I will be joining that endeavour with enthusiasm.

Everyone can help make Hamilton downtown viable and user friendly.

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