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By adrian (registered) | Posted May 09, 2011 at 16:04:22 in reply to Comment 63252

Not everyone is poor, but to pretend that poverty isn't an issue for this chunk of street is a little ridiculous.

Of course poverty is an issue for this chunk of street. However, I think it's a big mistake to reflexively explain the situation on King East by pointing that out. There are other factors besides poverty at work here, and looking at those factors was the main point of my article.

If you charted incomes on the sidestreets along King and Main, does anyone really doubt that this would be one of the low-points, especially compared to anywhere west of it?

I'd be interested in seeing the results of a study like that, especially if you were to compare those incomes to the sidestreets off James North and Ottawa North, which are both far more walkable than King East is.

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