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By Michelle Martin (registered) - website | Posted May 09, 2011 at 15:21:50 in reply to Comment 63242

It's not that poor - certainly not as poor as Barton, as I explicitly mentioned in my article. Did you see the photos I posted of Proctor and Emerald? Those are not the only nice streets off this section of King, either. There are plenty of neighbourhoods adjacent to this part of King that are doing just fine, but as soon as you step off their streets and onto King, it's a totally different situation.

Our own neighbourhood is a mix of self-employed, tradespeople, professionals, artists, or just plain employed, as well as pensioners who all keep their front yards tidy. They do shop Ottawa St. regularly (just had a conversation today at a school event with a group of parents who are very pleased at the migration of antique stores, art galleries, and the new places to buy a good cup of coffee). But for anything else, we all have to drive to Limeridge, Eastgate, or the Centre on Barton.

Not saying there aren't people who are hard up in our neighbourhood, but wouldn't a vibrant King St. be a great place for job-seekers to start? Most people looking for a job at a store or restaurant have to travel out of neighbourhood as well, and that costs money whether someone is traveling by car or HSR.

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