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By Mogadon Megalodon (anonymous) | Posted May 09, 2011 at 08:57:19 in reply to Comment 63158

Hence my point regarding at least a dual reality at play.

If you accept those upper/lower generalizations – and I think there may be something to them – then the POV of the individual is everything to how they define the city.

Going off the 2001 StatsCan ward data, the old lower city Wards 1-4, the area from Cootes Drive to Red Hill and the escarpment to the harbour, contain about a third of the city's population. The outer Wards 10-15 comprise around another third. Those in between, Wards 5-9, would be the final third.

StatsCan 2001:

01-04 = 147,655
05-09 = 166,473
10-15 = 134,798

If you do the upper/lower math more literally, Wards 1-5+10+13 contained around 236K people – around half of Hamilton's 2001 population of just over 489K.

That was 10 years ago, of course. I would imagine that the mountain population has filled out considerably since then, and 10-15 possibly matches the population of 1-4.

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